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Specialist Instruments Limited


Advanced and Simplified Design

Instrumentation and control technology is advancing all the time. Newer technologies offer opportunities for cost savings, simplification of  systems, optimised in service reliability and minimised cost of operation.

Working Closely with Customers

SIL works closely with customers to ensure they understand the products supplied by SIL.  We recognise that equipment builders must have a wide variety of skills to successfully build their machines.

Avoiding Down Time and Costly Repairs

Many of SIL customers take advantage to the features available on modern electronic engines by implementing monitoring which can recognise problems early before failure and costly repairs become necessary.

Easy Service and Maintenance

Using modern instrumentation technologies we maximise the efficiency of all service visits often having already diagnosed a fault and plan the necessary maintenance before a visit.

Experts in Migration to Modern Electronic Engines

SIL has many years “hands-on” experience in conventional mechanical and the newer electronic diesel engines. SIL’s design service provides both reduced cost and enhanced reliability. Smooth upgrade paths from mechanical to electronic engines ease the challenge of electronic technology.

Keeping it Simple

SIL takes the mystery out of electronic instrumentation and control systems.