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Specialist Instruments Limited

Company Profile

The Best Components

SIL customers choose the best engines, motors, pumps, compressors and other components. This ensures their products will exceed customer expectations and provide many years reliable service. Choosing the right Instrumentation and Controls solution is critical to achieving that goal.

The Best Instruments and Controls

SIL understands our customer requirements, understands the application and knows the environment that the equipment is expected to work in. SIL delivers cost effective solutions accurately customised to every application.

Using Industry Experience

SIL has many years “hands-on” experience in conventional mechanical and the modern electronic diesel engines. Operational simplicity and optimum reliability are key to our designs. Smooth upgrade paths from mechanical to electronic engines ease the challenges of migrating to new technology. SIL takes the mystery out of electronic instrumentation and control systems.

With Soild Design

SIL customers expect and receive the highest level of design and support ensuring that instrumentation and control systems are robust and reliable and are never the “weakest link” of any machine.  

And Supported From Our UK Hub
Based in Salisbury in the South of the UK, SIL has a  team of dedicated technical, assembly and customer support staff.  Glynne Rees has over 35 years’ experience in designing cost effective reliable systems who, along with the SIL Team provides helpful and friendly support to customers all over the world.